As each of us was many people we became quite a crowd! 


One day when we were almost about to finish filming in a small village next to Biarritz, I received a distressed phone call from my friend Jane who was in medoc, north of Bordeaux, shooting a film. Something went wrong with the production, the budget had fallen through, and they were running out of film ... Jane wondered if I was still in the south of France, and if I had any film I could spare them. I had always wanted to go there and anyway I liked the girl so I said yes. I still had to film some scenes before I could make my way up to them. After 10 days I arrived at Medoc and saw the whole crew - they were not so many ... maybe 12, sitting around the fire drinking wine in a state of immense lingering which had been induced by having spent the last two weeks doing nothing more than relishing in the wonders of the French countryside. I couldn't believe it! I gave them the film and decided to stay with them. That evening they recounted to me over another flass of wine what had happened during their hiatus. 


As each of us were many people we became quite a crowd! recounts the story of this pause in practice. During a one night event at Bonheur a set of works will be accommodated in an evening of stagings and performances. This event is a constellation of collaborations and delegations with and amongst the participating artists: 


Giles Bailey, Jacob Blandy, Jane Fawcett, Rachel Koolen, Fran Meana and Edmund Cook, Anouchka Oler, Catarina de Oliveira, Se Ra Park, Oliver Rees, Mariana Silva, Dan Walwin, Camilla Wills. 


This project was initiated and organized by Jane Fawcett and Catarina de Oliveira.  


With the support of the Master of Fine Art programme at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University. 




Aantal kaarten: 




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As each of us was many people we became quite a crowd !

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